agoraROARasuras (agoraroarasuras) wrote in painted_divas,

Its been forever and a day.....

Since i have updated!

So heres two looks.

This looks is from a while ago, but its worth showing.
I fucking emerald green !!!

I used:
♥ emerald green pig, green brown, humid e/s, guacamole, shade f/l, chocolate pig, vanilla pig

Next we have a look I love love love love!

I changed it a lil from last time.

I used:
Black track as a base, black matte pig over that
beauty marked in crease with nocturnelle e/s, vanilla pigment,
lovely lily pig

And Im sure you all noticed that I have no more purple hair, just boring basic black.

Im sure it will change in a few months.

Enjoy ladies and gents.
Lemme know if ya have any questions!

I promise I will update more =]
I have been pretty slack lately.
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That second look is SMOKIN' HOT! And I actually love your now all black hair :) Sexxy!
OooO thank you!
Im hating it, but ill get over it, ya know?
pretty :)
thanks lady!
ooooooooooh shiny.

yes, second is awesome.
i love the 2nd look too.
I love the blackness of the black!

Wow. Those are amazing looks.

How do you get your blacktrack to go on so smooth, or is it what you use to apply it?

When i put it on it doesnt seem to be so consistant. Like its always a little lighter in certain places no matter what i do.
I use my finger to apply it and i just kind of pat it on.
Its never really even when i apply it....
I just pack on a nice matte black shadow over it so i get that nice smooooooth, blackness.

I did a tutorial on the 2nd looka while back...
you can kinda see there how it looks when i apply my black track.

Hope that helps.