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Painted Divas

Painted Divas : A MakeUp Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Painted Divas. This community was made for those who love HIGH END make-up and KNOW how to use it.

This is NOT a rating community.

However, we expect MORE than just your every day neutrals or "naturals". We insist on great application so post your sloppy crap somewhere else... unless you'd like constructive criticism, of course.

Be creative. Be dramatic. Above all else, be FUN.

The maintainers/mods are MAC addicts but all high end cosmetics are welcome!

You can ask questions, sell and swap, post your FOTD/FOTN, post your purchases, write tutorials or just generally make everyone jealous with your mad skills. ;)

Your maintainers are
: cattiecattie, an artist and model and genuinely fabulous friend
: sinnocence, a make-up artist and hair goddess since the mid 80's \m/

We will be seeking another MOD in the near future. Thanks!